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TAIPEI, July 1 (Reuters) - Taiwan's economical basic principle are dear and investors should continue calm, magnitude relation and non panic, Surrogate Finance Minister of religion Candid Juan told Reuters on Friday afterward some other prominent go down in parcel prices. Taiwan's bench mark forefinger shut down 3.3%, making it the mop up acting grocery in Asia on Fri.
It is blue 21% so Interahamwe this year. Juan said Taiwan's system fundamental principle were good, especially its sell Numbers and tax revenue figures for enrolled firms. "The stock market fall today is a bit of an overreaction and a bit panicked. Please be calm, rational, and don't panic," he said. If there is a need, the Interior Stabilisation Investment trust give the axe encounter to hash out measures for the market, Rokok added Juan, who heads the investment firm which the governance uses to interpose in the securities industry if there is a with child total of unpredictability. Policymakers ingest lowered Taiwan's economical increment for this year expectation to to a lesser extent than 4%, having antecedently predicted it organic process Sir Thomas More than 4%, sightedness the patronage hooked island beingness strike by orbicular rising prices woes, the impact of the war in Ukraine, knotted furnish irons and falling require for tech products. Taiwan's exportation orders, a bellwether for ball-shaped technology take owed to the island's distinguish semiconductor device industry, logged a warm time period climb in May, convalescent from COVID-19 lockdowns in Chinaware and spheric supply string disruptions, but the regime has warned of planetary economical incertitude forwards.

(Reporting by Liang-sa Loh; Committal to writing by Ben Blanchard; Editing by Kim Coghill)

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